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Performance Workshop

Performance Workshop

Ableton Live opens up a world of creative potential for performing music live and DJ’ing. This one-day, hands-on workshop will give you the necessary skills to use Ableton to start building your live performance set. You’ll learn how to prepare your music to be performed while building the necessary skills and knowledge to create a set that allows you to be creative and improvise with a MIDI controller. Not only will you be able to incorporate multiple types of performance scenarios, you will learn how to do so in a manageable way that you can build upon. As well as learning how to properly use and create FX, you’ll learn several powerful performance tips and tricks. If you’ve ever thought about performing live, then this class is for you!

This class welcomes all skill levels from beginners to advanced users looking to get into performing music with Ableton Live. This workshop is hands-on, and all MIDI controllers are welcome.


  • Preparing Your Original Music for Performance
  • Creating, Managing and Build on Your Performance Template and Set
  • Using a MIDI Controller to Manipulate Music in Real Time
  • Creating and Using Performance Effect Racks and Send/Return FX
  • Playing Live Instruments and Sequencing Drums
  • Setting up a Cueing system and General Performance Mixing Techniques