Creating Chord Progressions in Ableton with MIDI Effects

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create chord progressions easily by using the Chord and Scale MIDI effects along with routing.

One thought on “Creating Chord Progressions in Ableton with MIDI Effects

  1. All i can say is WOW,your tutorials are exactly what I am looking for. I am doing some live streaming tutorials from another website and paying $15 per month and they have NOT shown me how to really use AL9S like your 4 videos i just watched. Bro Im from Minneapolis, Minnesota and NO ONE and I mean Noooo one at neither Guitar Center didnt show me what you just showed me.I’ve just came to a conclusion that sales people will be sales people nothing more nothing less thats ALL they know, because they dont know jack when it comes to giving some sound BASIC information on there product. Because they have a bass player working in pro audio when really that is not is strong point need i go further. Anyways i am going to look at your website and if all looks good i will pay for your teaching on AL9S and Push2.I want to produce Hip Hop and RnB, but its getting so watered down basically everything and artist souding the same. I guess thats why you keep the money pool going until it dries up and start a new genre.Bro NOT only do i want to produce but i want to get all fields of entertainment film, commercials, TV drama and live whever i can submit my misic. Sorry for the dissertation.
    I want to master AL9S and Push2 and shock alot of people here. The one key chord congressions awesome thats be ed n my week point that i have been working on i hear it in my head vut cant play all the chords, so that was good info.

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