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Music Theory

Music Theory Class

Do you struggle with being able to finish your tracks because something is musically wrong but you don’t know how to fix it? If so then this music theory course is for you. Music Theory is an important and necessary component to any electronic music producer’s skillset. In this 8 hour course you will learn how to find your way around the piano keyboard, build simple chords, create chord inversions and learn about major and minor scales. This class is centered around learning music theory and how it can later be incorporated into Ableton or any other D.A.W.


Week 1

  • Understanding the Keyboard Layout
  • Simple Chord Structures
  • Activity: Building Simple Chords
  • Activity: Putting Chords Together

Week 2

  • Introduction to Inversions
  • Activity: Building 1st Inversion
  • Activity: Building 2nd Inversion

Week 3

  • What is Major and what is Minor
  • Activity: Whole Steps and Half Steps
  • Major and Minor Thirds
  • Activity: Find and Build Major Chords
  • Activity: Find and Build minor Chords

Week 4

  • Major and Minor Scales
  • Activity: Find the Relative Minor of Major Keys
  • Activity: Find the Relative Major of Minor Keys