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Remix Workshop

Remix Workshop

In this workshop, you’ll learn the creative art and technical process of remixing a song in Ableton Live. The class covers remix theory, creative programming and editing, mixing, and sound design. You’ll follow along with Certified Ableton trainer Lenny Kiser as he shows you how he made his remix of the Strfkr track “While I’m Alive.”


Pre-Production and Remix Theory

  • The Remix Process
  • Find Remix Competitions and Stems
  • Preparing Stems and Warping
  • Generating an Idea from the Original


  • Changing Tempo
  • Converting Audio to Harmony, Melody and Drums
  • Dealing with Vocals
  • Creative Editing
  • Creating Contrast and Making it Different

Mixing and Sound Design

  • Creating Instruments, Samples, and Loops from the Original
  • Instrument and Sound Layering Techniques
  • Breakdowns and Buildups
  • Effects
  • Arranging the Remix