Ableton Project with a Step-by-Step Bassline Tutorial

Bassline Processing Ableton Project
Posted by Lenny Kiser Category: Downloads

This week’s free download is an Ableton project file containing an easy-to-follow walkthrough that shows you how to process a bassline using Ableton’s audio effects.

Download the project, open the file called 01-Bassline Processing Lenny Kiser in Ableton, and follow the instructions in the side panel. Be sure to click the Next Page button at the bottom of the side panel to cycle through all the sections of the tutorial. A finished version of the project file is also included in the download if you want to compare your final version to mine.

In the walkthrough, you’ll learn how to:

  • Clean up the bassline with EQ Eight
  • Even out the sound with the Glue Compressor
  • Add saturation
  • Sidechain compress the bassline
  • Automate sends on the bass track


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